Vision and Mission Statement

We support Families around the nation daily and will continue to do so to the best of our ability as Certified Family Partners. 

Our Vision:

  • Provide every child with the proper treatment to heal from early childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect.
  • To make sure Developmental Trauma Disorder/RAD is a recognized serious issue, and to help families receive the proper support. 

Our Mission:

  • With the understanding that Developmental Trauma negatively impacts a child’s emotional and psychological health throughout childhood and adulthood
  • We hope To provide foster and adoptive families – with the specialized knowledge and training to help them understand Developmental Trauma, how to look for signs and symptoms, and help their children heal from it. This could be added to MAPP classes, and we hope that one day it will, for now we at Attach Families are here to help.
  • To advocate that professionals have the proper training to recognize and treat Developmental Trauma.
  • To engage with policy makers and community leaders, and advocate for training of professionals and provision of services and support from a Developmental Trauma Disorder/RAD perspective for all children and their families. And to help train our Families in other states to do the same.
  • To offer support to parents of children with Developmental Trauma Disorder/RAD through both online using Facebook and Live using HIPPA Compliant Zoom conferencing. As well as being available by phone 24X7 for parent and caregiver crisis. We are not licensed therapists or lawyers. But we are CERTIFIED Family Partners and that means we have lived experience, 100s of hours of training and a multitude of Certifications, we had to take a state test for this certification and we are all registering to take the Nation Certification Exam. I am already a Certified Supervisor of Family Partners as well. 
  • To offer a Respite co-op for parents when they need a break whether it be a few hours or a few days. To teach others how to create Respite co-ops in their area. 
  • To educate and advocate using SM tools so we can spread as much awareness as possible. We are on Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and have a YouTube channel, it would be great if you like or followed or subscribed to all. 
  • To engage with educators and administrators to train them on what Developmental Trauma Disorder/RAD looks like and what the child and family are suffering with at home.
  • To advocate for training of Police officers who may be called to the homes of families with children who have Developmental Trauma Disorder/RAD so that they may have a better understanding of what they are truly dealing with. 
  • To attend meetings with families to help advocate as Certified Parent Support Professionals whether in person or conferenced in, or through our private HIPPA compliant Zoom Account. We offer to advocate with therapists, psychiatrists,  hospitals,  DSS, and schools. We even off assistance with IEP’s and 504’s.
  • To raise funds so that families can afford proper treatment since it is currently not covered by Medicaid which is what foster children and adopted children from foster care mostly have. 
  • To encourage that neuro/biofeedback,  attachment therapy, EMDR therapy etc. be offered to traumatized children as soon as they come into care to give them the best possible chance at life. 
  • Attach Families board and volunteers put a lot into our organization to be able to support so many Families. And we consider each of our Families family, and you all mean so much to us. You are warriors! You are loved! You are supported. And when you are a member of Attach Families, you are never alone! We will always be here for you!💚💚💚