Katherine Noto, President

(516) 524-3263

Katherine is a global professional with over 21 years of expertise. In 2013 the entire trajectory of her career and life’s mission were changed when 3 severely abused and neglected foster children were dropped off on her doorstep. She very quickly learned that something was very wrong and worked to advocate to DCS to get the children evaluated by a psychologist. Fast-forward to adoption and choosing therapists to evaluate the children that were not part of DCS she finally received the proper diagnoses for her children. They had Reactive Attachment Disorder among sever other diagnoses. She immediately began researching and realized there was no covered treatment for her children and although it does exist most parents cannot afford the upwards of $600 dollars a day to help heal their child/ren. She was shocked that an agency put in place for the best interest of children” would lie and falsify documents to dupe parents into adopting to save money and receive a federal bonus! She began to look for other parents like her and created the nonprofit organization Attach Families Inc. She works daily to educate and advocate for proper treatment of children and support of families that opened their home to these children. She also advocates for policy and law change on behalf of traumatized children and their families.



Cathy Johnson, Vice President

Cathy has been a professional foster parent for over 25 years. Having worked as a therapeutic foster parent and then as an IAFT parent (intensive alternative foster treatment), she has worked with developmental trauma and complex attachment for years in the foster care system as well as with adoptees from third world countries that lived in orphanages before being adopted and were in jeopardy of loosing their placement due to extreme behaviors.
She adopted one of her foster children after fostering her for over four years. She knew what Her trauma was all about with her numerous mental health diagnosis, fetal alcohol (Fas) and her RAD was or as she likes to point out “at least I thought I did?”
As she was coerced by DSS and an entourage of professionals on her case that once adopted she would still have their support and the sad part was she believed them. When the adoption was final she was left to figure things out on her own.
    “My baby spent more time from then on in residential placements as she was danger to herself and others in the home. She would work the system come back home and within several weeks be back to her old behaviors.”
She reached out to MHA Parent VOICE to get some guidance as she felt she was failing her. She not only got an advocate to help navigate the mental heath system, school system, court system and social services; but ended up taking the National Certification CPSP (Certified Parent Support Partner) and in turn was able to help other parents. At the time she was attending college and received a bachelors degree in psychology and special education. She thought her calling was being a therapist but along the way she learned to look at this holistically and was able to help many families get the services they needed and to teach them how to advocate for their child’s rights.
She met Katie Rose and realized this is my calling to support and teach other families and in turn they will teach another family in need.
Kristine Holt, Director of Fundraising



Kristine is a mom of four who has worked in the Early Childhood field for 23 years. She is currently training to become a Certified Child Advocate/Family Partner. The first day of class is when she met Ms. Noto and heard of Attach Families. Kristine wanted to learn more about Reactive Attachment Disorder, and while not having first hand experience with a child with RAD or DTD she does have a passion for children and making sure they have the same rights as all. 
Kristine is eager to learn and help in any way she can to educate and advocate to spread awareness about Reactive Attachment Disorder and Developmental Trauma Disorder.  
By becoming a member of the board as the Director of Fundraising her goal is to raise awareness as RAD/DTD is a disorder most are not educated in. She hopes that all events will educate, and bring awareness to the public. As well as raise funds for Attach Families to support our mission statement and what the organization strives to do. 
Amy Dickey, Secretary 
Heather Stanley, Treasurer