Getting My Son Help

My Son was struggling and in need of desperate help. I took him to the hospital to get him the help he needed. The hospital did what they usually do and took him in as a patient. They said he was in need of desperate help and I agreed. Later I got a phone call stating he was being discharged a few days after they had just stated that he was in need of help. This is what they always say. I wasn’t letting them do this again so I told them I wasn’t Picking him up. They then threatened to call the cops on me if I didn’t pick him up but if had picked my son up they would have taken my other son away from me. This is what many other families go through. I was Forced to choose between my two sons. A mother Should never have to encounter such a decision. My son is now getting the help he needs in a PRTF. Never let somebody tell you to choose between your kids.


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Art Therapy

A Painting that symbolizes all the trama in their life.