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Attach Families
Attach Families
Since this seems to be the leading story in the foster and adoptive communities we must comment. THIS IS WHAT WE WORK TO EDUCATE society about daily. Maybe if more people knew about #trauma and #ReactiveAttachmentDisorder there would not be such outrage at the family, but instead outrage at a system that offers no help whatsoever for #RAD or #DTD !

Nothing would make us happier than if the thousands of people working to crucify parents who had to make the hardest decision of their lives,would instead fight FOR MY FAMILIES! PROTEST! WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! Demand my Families get offered the proper treatment to help heal the connections in the brains of these children.

We need your OUTRAGE! We just don't need it directed at us. Please follow us on all SM! Spread our message! Share it with everyone and pitch in to help. Donate! Help us to help these children! You outrage is being directed at the wrong people, and it isn't your fault.

You don't have any idea what Reactive Attachment Disorder is and we are here to help you learn. We desperately need society to fight for us! #mykastauffer is not the enemy.

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Attach Families
Attach Families
I will cry an ocean of tears. Being in the Foster and Adoption and Mental health community and since this is both #fostercare and #mentalhealth Awareness month I can't simply ignore what occurred this week.

A man was murdered before my eyes this week. Attach Families will get into NO DEBATES ON THIS SUBJECT.

All we will say is that our hearts hurt. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they try to wrap their heads around this tremendous loss. My prayers are also with the bystanders that begged for his life and when they tried to intervene were threatened with Mace. That is a severely traumatic event that will affect their mental health and I pray each of them and their loved ones keep a close check on their mental health in the days, weeks and months to come.
I pray for the black community who live in fear this can be them every single day.

I make no excuse for the officer or any of the officers there, but I would be missing an opportunity if not to say they obviously suffer from mental health issues. Issues I hope they get help for while behind bars.

And I pray for every single amazing cop in this country. Especially the ones that go above and beyond. The bad seeds give many men and women a bad name and so I pray for each of them.

Hatred is taught. Children are innocent blank canvases that develop beliefs based on what they are taught.

I was blessed to be raised by 2 amazing parents. Race was never an issue in my home. We were taught to love and respect all. We were also taught that a CEO deserves no more respect than a Janitorial Worker, that every person we come in contact with is to be respected. I have tried to live my life by those standards and I do hope that I make my parents proud.

We must stay silent no more. Police officers must stay silent no more. They must speak up to stop this. They are the only ones who can effectively change the culture of bad cops being protected. And our lawmakers must put into place laws that those on the force that know and choose to stay silent are also held accountable. It is the only way to ensure they will speak up. #attachfamilies #badcops #MURDER #trauma #justice #stopthesilence #police #officers
Attach Families
Attach Families
I am honored!!

"Our last week to showcase our Family Partner Heroes.

Today's Family Partner Heroes for Tuesday, May 26, 2020...


A global professional with over 22 years of expertise. In 2013 the entire trajectory of my career and life’s mission was changed when 3 severely abused and neglected foster children were dropped off on my doorstep. I quickly learned that something was very wrong and worked to advocate to DCS to get the children evaluated by a psychologist. Fast-forward to adoption and choosing therapists to evaluate the children that were not part of DCS, I finally received the proper diagnoses for my children. They had Reactive Attachment Disorder among several other diagnoses. I immediately began researching and realized there was no covered treatment for my children and although it does exist most parents cannot afford the upwards of 600 dollars a day to help heal their child/ren. I eventually read about Developmental Trauma Disorder and the groups working hard to get this diagnosis into the DSM. DTD is when the brain does not develop properly due to trauma, abuse, and/or neglect. I began to look for other parents like me and created the nonprofit organization Attach Families Inc. Daily I work to educate and advocate for proper treatment of children and support of families that opened their homes to these children.
I realized to be the best possible advocate for families, I would need to learn more. When I heard about the Family Partner Certification and at once knew that was the connector I needed. NC Families United and MHA Greater Carolina offer training modules, which I registered for. Both of these amazing organizations work diligently to ensure they can educate as many people with lived experience as possible, so they can help others. Upon completing the required trainings and one additional training on understanding how to supervise Family Partners. I am a Certified Family Partner and applying to take the National Certification Exam to become a Nationally Certified Family Partner.💚"
Attach Families
Attach Families
May is BOTH Foster Care AND Mental Health Awareness Month!

We think it is a great combination, since so many children in foster care suffer Trauma.

Due to the trauma their brain has not developed properly. They need safe, loving, and extremely patient adults to help them heal. They need treatment that helps heal the connections in their brain.

NEUROFEEDBACK, BIOFEEDBACK, AND ATTACHMENT THERAPY. Which one of these children are you willing to throw away? Which one is not worth $350 to help heal?

Attach Families Inc believes every child is worthy.💚💚 Attachfamilies.org

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Attach Families
Attach Families
Please reach out to others! You never know what difficulties they are facing. People with #specialneeds require different types of assistance during these difficult times. #covid19 #socialdistancing #isolation
Attach Families
Attach Families
National #FOSTERCARE and National #MENTALHEALTH AWARENESS are both in the month of May. For both of these all that is needed is for you to care!
So be sure to check in on your friends, your children, and yourself to ensure you are keeping your mental health in check and positive! #selfcare because #youmattertoo #supportgroupsHELP

Check in with those you care about to be sure they are ok. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions to get them talking and to open up. It has been proven that just because you asked the hard questions does not mean you will give them ideas. It is so important to keep communication open. It really can be you that saves a life.

#attachfamilies #adoption #stopthestigma #RaiseAwareness #suicideprevention #suicide #askthetoughquestions #BetheCALM
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