Our Vision

Provide every child with the proper treatment to heal from early childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect.

To make sure Developmental Trauma Disorder and Reactive  Attachment Disorder are recognized as serious issues and to ensure families receive the proper support.

Our Mission 

With the understanding that Developmental Trauma negatively impacts a child’s emotional and psychological health throughout childhood and adulthood we hope to:

To provide foster and adoptive families – with the specialized knowledge and training to help them understand Developmental Trauma, how to look for signs and symptoms, and help their children heal from it.

Ensure professionals such as SW’s, Educators and Police officers have the proper training to recognize and understand Developmental Trauma Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder and the challenges parents face.

To engage with policy makers and community leaders to advocate for training of professionals and provision of services and support from a  DTD/RAD perspective  for all children and their families.

To offer support to parents of children with DTD/RAD through both online and in person support groups. To train others how to create in person support groups in their area.

To offer a Respite co-op for parents when they need a break whether it be a few hours or a few days. 

To educate and advocate society using SM tools so we can spread as much awareness as possible so families are supported properly by the community. 

To speak at foster care, and adoption support groups to train them on the signs of DTD/RAD. 

To attend CFT meetings and IEP or 504’s with families as a Nationally Certified Parent Partner.

To encourage that SSp, neurofeedback,  attachment therapy, EMDR therapy etc. be offered to traumatized children as soon as they come into care to give them the best possible chance at life. 

To be able to offer legal services for families who are struggling to get the proper treatment,  or are facing adoption disruptions,  or false DSS  allegations due to manifestations of these disorders.